This is a Human Resource Management service which we provide.

Nowadays, every company is on a cost saving spree. As traditionally considered and understood, recruitment is an important part of HR manager’s functional responsibilities. When any company needs an employee to be recruited HR officers need to set interviews for a large group of candidates. Unless they get a right candidate, continue to search for it, which consumes and waste lot of time and resources.

Our recruitment service skips all this hassles for the HR Managers and after screening all the qualified candidates, refer the group of ideal candidates. This saves a lot of time and waste of resources of organization.

According to the industry survey, organizations save approximately, 20% of their recruitment cost. If organization does outsource this Resource management service on large scale, then it really saves a lot for it.

In nutshell what services we provide under this section are as follows.

  • Identifying the staffing need for the client.
  • Inviting the applications from the right candidates for the position concerned.
  • Interviewing and screening the candidates and filter the right candidates according to the requisites of the position vacant.
  • Referring these candidates to the client for the position concerned and if the client is satisfied, then negotiated the concerned material points between the candidate and the client.

Benefits of Recruitment process outsourcing:

  • Recruitment process outsourcing helps HR professionals of organizations to concentrate on key strategic HR activities, by leveraging the recruitment services of outsourcing partner and increasing capacities to recruit and reducing time to recruit.
  • Outsourcing the Recruitment process enables faster completion of different HR requirements and reduces? HR downtime since recruiters of outsourcing partner work in parallel.
  • Overall reduction in recruitment costs due to leveraging infrastructure and services of outsourcing partner.

Advantages of outsourcing recruitment process to Catalyst:

    • Comfort and experience of established track record of having done innumerable successful recruitment engagements.
    • Customised recruiting solutions for each client based on understanding and evaluation of each client requirements.
    • Quick response time usually options shortlisted at earliest within a week of getting requirements.
    • Internally developed testing and screening mechanism to evaluate competencies of candidates.
    • Personal involvement of professional directors in meeting, assessing prospective candidates.
    • Dedicated team of HR executives focussed on recruitment and on managing existing team.


Catalyst renders a wide range of consulting services including

  • Assisting Foreign business organizations to set up and run business in India
  • Undertaking Techno Economic Viability & Feasibility Studies
  • Undertaking Market Research services
  • Setting up Business Processes & Systems, with Internal Checks and Controls
  • Sox compliance services, including Independent Reviews of existing Checks & Controls
  • Management and Performance Audits
  • Employee compensation structuring
  • Advising and Handling HR statutory compliances
  • Customised Management consultancy services

Catalyst consulting services have the following advantages

  • Significant value addition made by Catalyst through outcomes and results delivered
  • Consistent, on time delivery of services
  • Innovations and unique perspectives offered
  • Insights offered to clients, gained through years of experience with diverse industries
  • Emphasis on action orientation and implementation, rather than ‘airy fairy ideas’
  • Active focus and efforts till implementation completed
  • Post engagement follow up and reviews

Our clients give us a variety of their internal business processes for us to excel. We take end to end ownership of these processes. These processes may be undertaken either at client sites or at our site.

Once a process is given to us, either we look at options within our existing team or our HR recruitment team does an extensive search to identify and shortlist persons who can create excellent results in that process.

We discuss and consult with our clients to finalise the appropriate person for the process.
We then go all out in delivering results expected on time and with great quality, with the objective of gaining customer delight.

We have excelled in a wide variety of processes including:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Independent Asset Verifications & Reporting
  • Marketing & Sales Support
  • Customer Support including Call Support and Field Support
  • Medical Transcription services
  • HR & Payroll
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement & Materials Management
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Designs and Graphics

Our clients have the following significant advantages in outsourcing
processes to Catalyst

  • Strategic leveraging of client infrastructure and resources
  • Catalyst Clients free to concentrate on their core competencies
  • Customization of scope of service – designed as per user requirements
  • Accountability imposed for results and quality expected.
  • High quality of professional planning, review and co-ordination facilitated.
  • Continuous, consistent round the year services feasible with `virtually zero downtime.’
  • Flexibility to scale up or scale down as per client requirements.
  • `Generally followed Best practices’ can be implemented.
  • Entire Human Resource aspects in terms of recruitment, induction, training, appraisals, counseling, administration, rotation and separations smoothly handled by Catalyst.
  • Strategic cost advantages and stable cost management facilitated.


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